Tuesday, September 14, 2010

life and family and home

i like this. it reminds me a little of our own family projects...that i mostly hated at the time but somehow now have fond memories of.


realized dreams are a beautiful thing--and encouragement enough for me that God walks the days with us. i've been grateful to Him in a hundred different ways and for a hundred different things. realized dreams and realized prayers. i am thankful He journeys with. these are wonderful days.


Gram said...

I laughed so hard. I never thought you would have fond memories of those days. Do Kristen and Luke?

Andrea said...

i think they do--mostly. i don't know about kristen :) and i also don't know about mom and dad, with all our complaining...i remember grouting the tile floors when you and papa were out to help!! that made it 100x better, for sure.