Friday, September 17, 2010

"Mine is a blemished life and nothing is exempt."

the above, penned by Walter Brueggemann, has been of good "comfort" to me today. truly, the book that I am currently reading of his (Finally Comes the Poet: Daring Speech for Proclamation) has been extremely insightful and a very profitable read during this particular time/station/season of my life. i didn't expect it to be nearly so, well, appropriate. i'm much too tired to write out anything coherent at this moment, but i wanted to send out that opening quote because it's made me think in small steps about God's grace in some new ways--you know, fresh ways (ever notice how stale "Gospel" becomes??). eventually i'd like to share more because i think it's worth it, i think it's necessary, and i know i'm not the only one who wrestles with the staleness--a "truth greatly reduced," as he frames it. so stay tuned. i'm off to read for awhile before bed :)

happy weekend to you all!! any exciting plans? i have brunch tomorrow with a few friends, a phone date with hungary, an afternoon and evening with the schnake's, church and the farmer's market (our CSA!!), and who knows what else...busy but wonderful, i'd say! hope yours is great.

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say hi to hungary.