Thursday, September 02, 2010

the rain has kept me in

this morning was going to be my self-assigned field trip here but it is pouring rain (pouring) and i don't feel like navigating the city and the expressway in this weather. besides, i've been out and about and busy all week and it's nice to stay inside. the breeze in through the windows is misty and i can hear the rain spluttering and splattering as it hits the street and sidewalks. mm, wonderful.

so, i think it's a reading/crafting day. i've found a few projects for Santa's little elf to begin in anticipation of the holiday season (if you want to make your presents, you have to think about them ahead of time). so I might begin some of those. two books arrived yesterday so i might get started on my "studies." the next few days are supposed to be cooler so i might make bread!

tuesday night i escaped the city for wisconsin--lovely little gettaway full of crafting, adventuring, love, and blessing. it was wonderful to be with them, strange as it was that jake wasn't there. i'm scheduled for another visit in a week or so. can hardly wait. until then, it's work and city living...and i am actually enjoying it. yesterday was a fun day of playing with C. I pushed him on the swing and gave him "under-dogs" till he laughed and giggled. we made small note cards at the dining room table for awhile while S read her book on the sofa. they're good children and i am happy to work with them. i'm trying to think of fun autumn crafts and projects...hmmm. if you have ideas, let me know!

on another (although semi-related) note, my children will have wood(en) toys. None of this plastic crap (or, at least, in great moderation). there are so many beautiful toys to make from wood and lasting things--materials that are much more aesthetically pleasing, won't talk at you or sing obnoxious songs, and will handle much more "naturally" to the touch of little ones. needless to say, i will make them if i have to. there are so many patterns, directions, and ideas out there. we ought to be more creative with our little ones ("our" as if I have any. i know, but working with them on a daily basis provides some grounds for opinion, right?!).

off to be productive. happy thursday!


the McGee family said...

yes. on the toys. we have too much plastic. i need to purge.

the McGee family said...

and I am making yogurt right now. Did you try it already?

Andrea said...

not yet