Saturday, February 19, 2011

again, grateful

for a dad who picks his daughter up well past his bedtime, because the plane was delayed. and even though he left at 6am this morning for his 24 hr bike race (i'm consistently proud of my dad) he was awake and alert to talk with me in the dark and listen to all my fits of frustration and confusion and life-wonderings. he is patient and wise and i guess i really needed some dad time. good thing he's coming home tomorrow. my dad--one of the "fat and 50" relay team that will *win* (wink wink) the Old Pueblo bike tour :)

and i woke up to mom sitting at the table--her beautiful crown of all speckled grey hair (she might not think it beautiful like I do but it is and i love it)--eating cereal. and then we talked and she listened to my same fits of frustration and confusion and life-wonderings. i'm grateful for these two wonderful parents. i've missed being with them.

the sky is huge. the sun is bright. it is 70 degrees and i'm in a t-shirt. it's good to be back here.


the McGee family said...

i got a little choked up reading this. wishing i was there, to hear your fits and share my own. love you all!!!

Andrea said...

:) wish you were here, too. anxious to see you in April!