Monday, February 14, 2011

Peter Mulvey

I saw him for the 5th time last night. When I realized it was concert #5 I thought, "is this ridiculous?" Then he started playing Shirt and the question fell away as I remembered, again, why I appreciate him so much. His songs are such true-to-life stories that touch on rich themes of life in simple and undramatic ways--the routine, the mundane, the "way life is" day-to-day...and all communicated with such musical genius. There's always a song or two that catches in my chest; gets me down deep. Again, it was Trempealeau (which, unfortunately, hasn't found it's way onto an album nor are the lyrics posted anywhere online...), Knuckleball Suite, Mailman, and Shirt. There are others that are worth noting but I'll resist :) It was a great show, at a great venue (Evanston SPACE), with great company (Monica and Rebecca, my friend from pottery).

Sarah has come and gone. It was lovely having her here. It was hard to see her leave. I guess I sort of surprised myself by crying on the way home from the airport. We'll see each other again, we always do. But there's something sometimes hard about growing up and acknowledging that goodbyes sometimes mean a long time till hello, and so much is up in the air uncertain about all of our lives that we have no idea where we'll be or how we'll get "there" and how that will influence the ease of the next reunion, etc. I guess I thought about how we can't take friendships for granted--especially time spent with good friends.

Speaking of good friends. I'm leaving for Tucson on Friday and am trying not to think about it, lest the week go by slower. I'm ridiculously see friends, to see family, to see Tucson, to see sunshine...aaaah. Southwest, here i come!! Get me out of this giant snow-puddle for awhile. whew.

On Saturday we went to a lecture at our church on what the creation narratives teach about what it means to be human. So good. Sometime I'll try to write something about it. I can't yet, too much of it I'm still in the thick of as far as learning/understanding goes. I mean, I'll always be in the thick of it I suppose, but right now its still all too fresh to communicate with much clarity. So stay posted!

In other news, it's getting into the 40's this week. Yesterday was oh so "springy." Now the snow will melt. Now we will live in snow puddles for the next month, unless of course the temp drops again, which is very likely. But I'd like to think that it's almost March and the worst is over...? Please! I'm ready for some sun and some warmer days and...some color back in this skin. yep. so white.


the McGee family said...

You can't see Peter too many times. You've passed me now though- I've seen him 4 times. I think I like him so much for one of the same reasons I love David Wilcox. It's rare to find an artist who is so brilliant but who doesn't take themselves too seriously. My 3 year goal: let's see him together some time.

Andrea said...

JAY!:) that's a fabulous 3 yr goal. Let't do it!!