Monday, May 09, 2011

I'll tell you what.

Summer is on its way...and I am pretty darn excited about it.

The leaves are back on the tree outside the upstairs window. They are bright and green and blowing. I planted some more yesterday--the herbs are growing beautifully, as are the tomatoes. The lettuce and onions are in outside; I'm believing there will be no more frost.

Increasing amounts of warmth and sun make me think of driving with music up loud, slacklining, rocks, rivers, and trees, camping trips, swimsuits and the beach, picnics, bike rides up the lake front, friends in the city (Whitney, Matt, Monica!), road trips, out-of-town friends (Hallie!), the farmer's market, color back in my skin (good gracious, yes), tie dying, craft projects, sitting in grass, summer parties, free concerts, cold beer on the porch with my roommates, neighborhood walks, State parks, country music, exploring, homemade popsicles, ice cream with the kids, soccer in the park, city festivals, iced

Currently listening to Oh Cumberland, The Creepers. Folk/bluegrass=true spirit of summer :)

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