Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the padres

If you could, be praying for my parents. They've been in Mexico for the past three weeks and come back tomorrow. It's been somewhat of an eventful trip--Dad got in a really bad bike accident a few days ago. He doesn't know what happened, just woke up on the ground with a bad head injury (luckily his helmet took the damage) that left him without a clue as to what happened. They had to drive to a neighboring village to get to a hospital. X-rays confirmed a broken collar bone. It's wrapped and he's recovering but in a lot of pain--bruised ribs and such. This means mom has to drive the truck out tomorrow, which can be a little stressful on some of those hair-pin turns. Pray for safety and for a good recovery for dad. Pray, too, for ease at the border crossing. They've had a lot going on in the past few months with the move to Flag and this trip, etc. Hopefully they'll have some good rest time once they're home.

Thanks, guys!

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