Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pray for the Nations

Lots is happening in Burma right now...the government is basically wiping out any form of Democracy across the country. Crimes against humanity are many and terrible...lots of refugees.
I will be tutoring a young Burmese woman who has come to the U.S. very recently. I am so excited about it. Pray for Burma with me! Pray, also, for the tutoring...that God would help Mariah and I form an encouraging friendship with this woman. We are SO excited about it!!! :)

Human Rights watch estimates 70,000 child soldiers in Burma. Incredible.

Lord, may they NOT be just numbers to us. Affect us so we might be most effective for you here.

Also, many of you know of my increasing burden for Cambodia. I don't know why, where, or how this started. I have been heavily burdened by the extent of human-traffiking worldwide. There are many in Cambodia that are affected. For some reason or another, God has been bringing Cambodia up A LOT. It's sort of weird. But cool. I was mentioning this to a friend the other day and then read a chapter in a book last night about the AIDS pandemic. The "case study" story was about a young girl in Cambodia...I told this to another friend this morning up in the coffee shop, only to look behind her a few minutes later to see something on the news headlines about the Cambodian prime minister. God is trying to get my attention and I'm not sure what it really means. All I know for now is that He wants me to pray...and encourage others to pray. I challenge us to research, educate ourselves, pray with knowledge and directed passion.

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