Thursday, February 14, 2008

Singleness Awareness Day

Dr. De Rosset informed class that today is the national day for the birds to mate in...i think it was, ireland? something like that. the point was, she had everyone who is married in class (just 3) raise their hands. Haha. She then announced that they can follow in the way of the birds, the others cannot. I laughed. She's amazing.

Also, there are signs posted around campus "Singleness Awareness Day" with a question, i forget what it was, i think something like "Do you feel single?" I laughed again.

Valentines Day seriously does make me laugh. I am, however, wearing socks with hearts on them (though the rest of my ensemble is definitely earthy, not pinky).

Happy Valentines Day to all...or singleness awareness day...or bird-mating day.

P.S. The joy of living in a girls dorm means lingerie (reds, pinks, blacks) strung up down the hall. We all contributed. Female bonding, if you will. I enjoy these girls :) They're amazing.

Alright. Off to class...i have a quiz to study for while I walk. oops.


Anonymous said...

I love Valentine's Day. I think it's sweet.

And yay for lingerie hanging!

hannah said...

haha, "Singleness Awareness Day," I like that.