Wednesday, March 18, 2009

mom day

today was mom day. we ran a bunch of errands, splurged at starbucks :), and went out for lunch at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (yum!!). I got running shoes--yay! She also bought me almonds and prunes to take back to school!!! yessss. It was a fun day. we visited, joked, and had a great time together. we even gave a little old lady a ride home to Fellowship Square from Sunflower Market because she got left behind by her van. She was a dear woman originally from Israel. She could hardly see and was very frail--but super sweet and so cute. She was thrilled that we would give her a ride home (it was only a block away).

now i'm spending the afternoon catching up on emails, phone calls, and homework. then, tonight continues the "country music week" of American Idol. I don't usually watch the show but c'mon, its country music week. what could be better???!!!

ok. i might take a nap first.


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