Sunday, March 01, 2009

to be known

i didn't go to church this morning. instead, i listened to this sermon by John Piper: He Knew What Was In Man. It was super encouraging, sobering, refreshing, directing. if you have time, i suggest it to you (you can click on it for the link). I recommend you listen to it rather than read it. but that's just me :) I don't even have the words or the energy to explain what its about. but it reflects a lot of what my heart has been wrestling with over the past week(s).

i talked with my sister for a long time on the phone this morning. it was much needed and incredibly encouraging. i love sisters, they're the best! someday maybe we'll live closer and i can drive over for morning coffee or she can visit for an afternoon of conversation. and we can call each other sister and mrs. (it's an "inside dream") and share life and family together. for now, a phone call across states will have to do :) these are some of the simple things of life that are so wonderful.

today is a blizzard. we woke up to clouds of white snow swirling outside our window. the snowing has slowed but the world is white. i needed to get out so i went for a walk in it! it's beautiful--revitalizing and somehow comforting. there's great power in weather, isn't there? it speaks of God. the other day it rained ALL day. and not the usual grey, depressing rain. but a full on storm, complete with thunder and lightening! I miss storms. tucson has such beautiful storms. mmm. they are glorious.

i go home in five days. can't express what a gift it is to be able to go home. even though the ticket was expensive, i am glad I decided to do it. i need to get away for awhile. i need to think outside of these walls and live beyond the city for a few days. my family love-tank is running on fumes and i can't wait to spend time with mom, dad, kristen, jay, and little sam. i can't wait to catch up with friends--spend time on the road with hannah and just relax together. i think i must mention these excitements every other post. haha. you're probably sick of hearing it!

this semester has been such a great semester of being with friends. i am especially grateful for mariah, sarah, and lacy. its a joy to see how our hearts have grown towards each other. i love nights together spent in hushed whispers or loud laughter. the best :).

ok. i need to get homework done. i've got several projects to finish up and LOTS of reading due this week. onward ho!!

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Lacy Lillian said...

I like skyping Melissa.
: )
I love your face.