Sunday, October 18, 2009

mmm pumpkin muffins

i'm eating one of yesterday mornings pumpkin muffins from this recipe: smitten kitchen. I added chopped walnuts to the tops of them...delicious :)

A lot's happened since i last posted. peter mulvey came and went (it was an amazing show)

Kira is here visiting. It's been delightful having her here. man oh man, the best reunion ever :)
we've spend tons of time laughing, telling and remembering good stories, walking around chicago, watching movies, making good food...yesterday was our day in the city--the first "sunny" day since she got here wednesday night. It was a shedd aquarium free day so we made our way all the way down there only to find that the line was insanely long.

we didn't even think twice about waiting.

so we walked back up Michigan ave., saw the bean, took pictures, drank pumpkin spice lattes, ate chipotle, walked up to chicago, went into water tower, etc.

It was a lot of fun. The city was chaotic and busy which made us laugh on more than one occasion. It reminded us of Elf so, naturally, we watched it last night. Such a good movie. we made shrinky dinks (i had never made them before!) and then had breakfast burritos and smoothies for dinner.
Today is church and then Karyn's Cooked (vegan restaurant) for lunch! Then we have a few more craft projects we want to work on...maybe go to the bead store on Wells and work on Christmas presents for people.'s been so wonderful to have her here. i love our friendship.

In other news, my sister is PREGNANT again! Yes, I am super excited. She's due may 25. ack!!

Alright. I should get going. Hopefully this was a sufficient update for my long absence :) The days have been dreary, cold, and wet. Not at all beautiful fall days--except for windows of sun. Grey days are hard for me...


the McGee family said...

I am not going to tell Jay that you posted about us. It will be our secret :)

Andrea said...

YOU posted about you but I'm not allowed to??!! Come on!!! :)

the McGee family said...

I know. I don't understand him. He's weird. I think that every day of my life. :)
I miss you. Let's talk soon.