Friday, November 20, 2009

a week ago

a week ago tonight erin, michelle, amy, and i went to evanston for a david wilcox concert. tonight jay and kristen are seeing him in concert in virginia.
it was a good show. as much as i prefer peter mulvey, i really do enjoy his stories and appreciate his lyrics. he's full of delight, hope, true expressions of sorrow and loss, and a good amount of laughter. his songs reflect a lot of "real life" and i like that. the simple ins-and-outs of our days...

last night mariah and i were finally able to catch up. whew--about time! I'm going to drive out to las cruces for a day over christmas vacation. i look forward to it so much.
last night i was sitting at my desk and took a few minutes to look at the pictures i have hanging up. there's the one of zach, mariah, and i in colorado this summer, taken at sunset up on the mountain behind the cabin. those were a sweet few days. i was reminded how beautiful those days were: talking, listening, dreaming, praying, sitting. i hope for more times like that. they are remarkable moments of true joy. and yet they are so simple. sometimes the simple things are the best things.

there is also the picture of mark, hannah, and i at ELC this summer. i love looking at this picture because its a recent shot of the three of us, reminding me that we've been friends for a long time (going on 9 years. wow). and we're still friends. we aren't able to spend a lot of time together--we live in such different and far-away places--or even talk all that often...but when we DO talk and ARE able to spend time together, it's easy, and comfortable, and oh so wonderful. i look forward to a couple days of it at christmas.

tomorrow i'm going with lacy to the thrift store across the street from her work. they are clearing out a lot of their used books (at 25 and 50 cents!) and so we are going to scour and dig around for treasure-books. i can't wait. she bought me two elie wiesel books the other day: One Generation After and Legends of Our Time. i was so happy.

you know how people sometimes decide to "study" a person? They usually end up reading everything (or at least a great deal) that person wrote, etc. well, I've been thinking about how much I would really like to "study" Elie Wiesel and Chaim Potok. Maybe it's just because I'm sort of simmering in Jewish and Holocaust study right now but a) I love books by these two authors and b) I find each of them rather intriguing and compelling. I read The Trial of God (Wiesel) last week, as you know, and am currently making my way through his book From the Kingdom of Memory: Reminiscences. It's really. good.

sorry my entries have been miles long lately. i should probably try to keep them shorter.
tip for the day--go grab a good book and get reading!! If you need ideas, read Night/Dawn/Day trilogy by Elie Wiesel or My Name is Asher Lev and/or Davita's Harp (my favorite) by Chaim Potok.


Talitha said...

i love "my name is asher lev".
when we get a chance to have coffee (real or virtual), let's talk about those authors/what you're studying. i follow a blog by a wonderful jewish photojournalist and his writing and way of life make me curious.

Andrea said...

mmm. that sounds lovely, talitha! and wow, that jewish photojournalist sounds really intriguing and wonderful.