Sunday, April 11, 2010

sickness and sleeplessness

even though i went to bed at 1am after a very fun but very sick-feeling evening, I CAN'T SLEEP PAST SIX?!! uuugh. this is so frustrating.

last night was JSB, then a bonfire down at P.P. (kicked out by police), then slacklining in Lincoln Park (kicked out by police). remind me why i live in the city again, where you get kicked out of public parks by 11pm?

not having slacklined in a little over 7 months, my love is reawakened (a little rusty though). i can't turn anymore, Luke! bah. I thought of you, Callie, and missed this summer and the mountains and everything, and YOU!

it was super fun. a little overwhelming because i didn't have the energy for it and wanted to but, what can you do. from dinner on i was a mix of dizzy and nauseous.

there was an obvious emphasis yesterday on the fact that there are only five weeks of school left. aaaaaahh. crazy, man. i have so much to do. i think i'm coming to terms with two important realities this weekend: 1. i'm not going to get it all done 2. i'm ok with that (because, lets face it, i have to be, right?!). so today is my "sit down and prioritize/figure what i can and can't get done," etc.

last night was a foretaste of summer driving with good music and the windows down--one of my all time favorite things. Hallie, remember that spring break when we were enjoying just such things and you ramped the median? hahaa. good memory.

alright. here's to sunday and rest. hope your day is blessed, friends!

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Unknown said...

I don't remember the loud music, I just remember Andrew Adams.