Sunday, April 18, 2010

these days

these are good days. busy, but good. exhausting, but good. i wouldn't trade them for anything i just wish i didn't have so much on my plate. sigh.

yesterday i spent the day out at Wheaton. it was a timely "relief" from life here--just so good to get away for a little while. melissa and i talked, napped, prayed, studied, laughed, and talked some more. i miss those sweet times of fellowship with her. our conversations are always so invigorating, encouraging, and challenging. there's something so beautiful about sitting across from a friend listening to thoughts of God, life, faith, friends, hope, and truth. there's something incredibly meaningful about having friends with whom we can share some of life's deepest struggles--like why belief, how belief, etc., and then come away with an even richer commitment to the Lord and delight in life.

i laid in a sunny spot on the grass for awhile yesterday and thought and prayed. i'm grateful for time and space like that in the midst of a busy end-of-year schedule.

i was able to attend the evening session of the Theological Lectureship because it was open to the public. So I got to hear N.T. Wright after all! I appreciated much of what he said. I can't articulate it now, there are too many thoughts in my head to try to express them meaningfully. plus I'd rather not just regurgitate but wrestle with some of the things said...
Jake and I talked about Wright's lecture a bit on the way home--another good conversation about honest wrestlings in this "world of theology." I'm so grateful for people to talk things out with. I know I've said it before but maybe its worth mentioning every time??...We are a gifted people to know community and share life with others!

i just need to sit and be and rest. so i look forward to the morning. i look forward to the studies of the day. i look forward to a new week of life. these are good days.


M. Perkins said...

I'm glad you saw NT Wright!

Also, your blog title:

Andrea said...

I'm glad I got too, also. maybe we can talk about it sometime once I've thought it through a bit more--you know more of him than I do. I decided I would appreciate reading more of him. but that thought is overwhelming with everything else I have going on right now.

haha. that video. nice. her voice is a little strange...ok, a lot strange. i don't think i like it much.

M. Perkins said...

She's German. Give her a break. I love that song. Love love it.

I'm always up for an NT Wright chit-chat, though my knowledge of him is very limited. I want to read the Challenge of Jesus next.