Monday, April 05, 2010

sometimes the beautiful can't be named

there's something about these days that can't quite be named. but its beautiful (hmm...echoes of a peter mulvey song, i think). seriously, though. i am all caught up in things that can't be named: thoughts, questions, wonderings, emotions, and yes, even worries (remind me to tell you sometime about Lent and worry. there's a rich story there...). i find myself sort of reveling in the frustrating mystery of it all with the encouraging (but often unrelentingly "quiet") presence of God. i believe, probably more than ever, that there is something to be said for steeping ourselves in the Lord. just being with or near Him is a remarkable work of grace. i think we underestimate it sometimes. i know i'm grateful for moments with Him snatched here and there throughout the day--enjoying the new green leaves bursting from winter hiding, drinking in bright sunshine, hearing the warm laughter of new (and old) friends, praying into the dark before drifting to sleep (or early morning journaling/reading when sleep is impossible), smiling at strangers on the EL or the regular "hello" and "how are you" exchanged with the homeless man that collects his coins outside the post office. These things are simple but delightful. this is life, friends! many, many moments all squished together. how will we live them? we only have one life to live...

life is sopping with newness after the refreshment of Easter. have you felt it?

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