Thursday, June 10, 2010

from my morning spot

(a.k.a., the chair by the living room window)

it's a gorgeous morning and the birds are chirpy in the trees outside. aaah. last night walking home from work i saw fireflies. in the city!! these are the marks of summer, and i am enjoying it very much :)

i didn't sleep very well last night because horns, fireworks, and noisemakers of all kinds kept waking me up. yes, the blackhawks won the stanley cup. WOOO!! our neighbors (he's a blackhawk) were t-peed last night. a few of the players were out front this morning cleaning up. they can play hockey but they cannot climb trees. it was pretty pathetic. and funny.

mondays and wednesdays are looong days at work. yesterday i took the little guys to Starbucks to visit Lacy at work. we packed a picnic snack. it was fun--they really are so cute. whenever I take them out, though, i end up having to explain to someone that "no, they aren't mine. i'm just the sitter." it's because we're all blondes. i'm sure i've mentioned before that I feel an immediate connection to blonde kids. we get along :)

if little boys get their energy from the diets they keep, then i should probably start slurping down dirty rain water and scavenging for stale cheerios in the crevices of...everything.
needless to say, i'm excited to have boys someday.

yesterday i played out back with S and C. it was so wonderful. we played corn in the hole, swung on the swings, and then i watched them skip around their neighbors garden for awhile. it was so bright and sunny and everything seemed green. a big butterfly landed on C but he didn't let it stay very long to which S exclaimed, "C! Those moments don't happen often. You really ought to have savored it!" and C asked, "What does 'savor' mean?" haha. they are so funny sometimes.

this is my morning off. i'm going to write a few letters, i think. i also need to do laundry and run a few errands. one of these days i should make bread. i also need to get cracking on my online summer course. i finally got the textbook in the mail a few days ago. i have until July 26 to finish it.

i'm almost finished re-reading the Great Divorce. goodness, this book is so fantastic. what are you reading? any suggestions?

I get more and more excited everyday for the visit to VA in July.

these days have been full but quiet, and i am grateful for that. God is a silent presence which can feel a little disconcerting at times. nevertheless, i'm experiencing Him in rich, simple ways and He knows what and how i need Him most as i learn to live and love.
isn't it interesting how we are always learning and relearning things? i suppose that's what it means to be made new.

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