Tuesday, June 29, 2010

life will get ya

there are days when life feels a little like a slap in the face. it's almost as if it decides it needs to remind you of something, "hey, remember me--life? yeah, i'm still here." it's not even that we forget we are living (maybe we do, i don't know) but more like we forget that life is what it is: a sore throat in the morning when you felt fine the night before, a cough that won't go away, word of discovered cancer in a family member, a split-second car accident (yes, this happened today. sigh). life steps in boldly in these moments--very painfully in some of them--and reminds that things are short, time moves fast, we don't know what the next moment holds. all we have is a whole lot of "now's" strung together to make this thing called life. And i'm reminded that i want to live my now's well. I want to remember to treasure the simple things, to banner the eternal things, to hope for the wholeness of things, to rest in the mystery of things.

This week has been a little pebbly--several unexpected happenings to kick things off. I'm still trying to chip away at my psychology class. I have a lot to get done in a short amount of time. I still feel like I need a break from school but then I'll be taking two classes in the fall. Sometimes I have mixed feelings about this.

I love living with Lacy and Mariah. I cherish times when we laugh together over stupid things, enjoy watching a movie, sit quietly around the kitchen thinking and talking about life's hard realities, and listen to each other cry when the days bring tears. I keep praying that God will make this year a time of good fellowship and intimate community--the kind that can, yes, be uncomfortable but teaches the necessary and beautiful lessons of life. you know, those ones that infuse our days with a certain richness.

Last weekend was wonderful. I went up to Wisconsin on Thursday and enjoyed good time with Jake and his family. We climbed a beautiful old train bridge (i only made it halfway so I didn't actually climb the thing) on Friday. Mariah came up Saturday and we watched the U.S. vs. Ghana game together with Jake's grandparents. Sunday was a great summer day--big cookout at the house after church; roadtrip to Sheboygan for the Peter Mulvey concert.

We walked the Sheboygan lake shore for a while and then grabbed Thai before the show. It was at a great coffee shop full of character and comfy couches. There were only about 15 others there. he had played a 3 hr show earlier in the day and was visibly tired, including his voice, but it was still really wonderful and completely worth it. Thanks to Jake, I actually talked to the man. I know, crazy right? I don't normally do stuff like that. But i really wanted to hear Knuckleball Suite (seriously, its the summer song) and so Jake convinced me to go up to him after and request it. He had already left the stage and the shop had put on their own music. But I skittishly approached him and tapped him on the shoulder, "um, i have a random question. I drove up from Chicago for this [i know what you might be thinking but this is not entirely untrue] and I would really love it if you played Knuckleball Suite." he looked at me doubtfully, looked at the sound guy, and then back at me. "If it's too late, I understand." He turned back to the sound guy who said "what the hell," to which Peter Mulvey responded "what the hell!" and went back on stage.

Yes, he played Knuckleball Suite. hmm. it was beautiful. it was perfect. that song almost always makes me want to cry. i think he was really glad i asked him. he thanked me. that made me happy, because he truly did seem to enjoy playing it for us.


Hallie said...

I love this post. I can just imagine that scene of you asking Peter Mulvey to play the song...so cute.

That last picture made me smile.

Andrea said...

it makes me smile too :) let's catch up soon, ok? i miss you like crazy.

citizenofheaven said...

ive been listening to cds you've made me and the other day while at a coffee shop reading i saw two boys speaking arabic that reminded me of Ous and Rami. I miss you, friend! I've been praying for you and am sorry life is rough right now. Though, I'm excited to continue to hear how God uses those things to teach you about life. i love hearing your thoughts. also, i miss dreaming with you. Take care, sweet friend!

Hallie said...

Yes please, Andrea! I've been missing you too.