Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm from the Grand Canyon State

so if you're going to advertise a "canyon" at your state park, well, i might be a stickler about whether or not the hole in the ground actually qualifies as a canyon. yes, i'm going to belly-ache a little about this weekend trip we just got back from. i really do it in jest because, who doesn't finally just laugh about how ridiculous it is to go on a "hike" up stairs and over boardwalks with a plaque every hundred feet detailing your location. i suppose it comforts the city folk who might be a little uneasy in the great outdoors. mariah and i had many a good laugh on that walk. we are still laughing :) at least we're learning to appreciate the places we've been that are a little less tamed. i've done some more thinking about my trips up north this year and how much i just love lake superior. i'm all for the rugged beauty. it's been a great refreshment. AND, we're going in two weeks to visit Grandma again (if you don't cap your invitation you're going to get sick of me!!). I cannot wait.

mariah and i talked about doing a portion of the appalachian trail this summer. hmmm. i'd love it. there are so many things i really want to do "out of doors." i hope i get to sometime soon. i feel like i've been storing up talk and desire and now i'm ready to just get on with it! we talked about that this weekend, too. we want to stop saying "someday i will..." and "wish i could..." and just do it. gah! i get so excited just thinking about it. here i come, wide world!

the grand canyon is a must and maybe i can finally cash in on that father daughter trip to havasu falls (last time he had a hernia). isle royal is on the list for round 2. south america would be amazing. maybe i should start thinking a little bit smaller--yep, appalachian trail this summer.


Hallie said...

Please plan to hike through the PA portion! You'd eventually be in my backyard!

Andrea said...

that sounds good. i would love to be in your backyard. and mariah has never been to PA and wants to. it's a sign.