Thursday, February 03, 2011

taking it all in

Do you ever have days that, at every moment, demand recording? So much is heard, seen, and experienced that you wish you had a pencil in your mind to mark it all down word-for-word..? I think this happens more often with a five-year-old around. Today was one such day for me--a fantastic day.

[sitting in the living room knitting while C watches Go Diego, Go]
C: "Andrea, could you please go into the other room, I would like my privacy."
Me: [giving him the look] "C, that's ridiculous. You're watching TV and I'm not making any noise, what do you need privacy for?"
C: "I just like it sometimes. And S is fine reading by herself. She gets to read by herself all the time."

[waiting outside while S finishes dance. C is eating his pretzels but one falls on the floor--carpet--and i pick it up and eat it]
C: "That's good, Andrea. When something falls on the ground you can pick it right up and eat it because your mouth washes it off."
[Not sure that was the lesson I was going for...]

[Also while waiting for S...always priceless conversations...]
C: "I've always known a lot about Ancient Rome and the Army. About six years."
Me: "Huh. So, basically you've known about them since before you were born?"
C: "Yep. I remember when I was in my mom's stomach and she ate an apple and it came floating, floating down to me whole and then I ate it."
Me: "But you hate apples. So...?"
C: "I mean, it was a banana."
Me: "Oooh."
C: "An apple and a Banana. That's my memory from inside my mom's stomach. Do you have any memories of being in your mom's stomach?"
Me: "Definitely not."
C: *laughs* "Oh."

[At McDonald's for lunch, S spills sauce on her coat and snowpants...]
S: "Ooh no! Well, I'll just have to tell mom to throw this right in the wash."
C: "It's all over your snow pants, too!"
--I get napkins and help her clean up--
C: "Well, you know what I always say. If you start a fight, you have to do it!"
Me: ????!!!!?

man...this little guy is funny. i've really been enjoying my job.


Hallie said...

Hahaha I love how honest you are in your responses. How old are they?

Andrea said...

5 and 10 :) :)