Wednesday, April 13, 2011

live shows

Melissa and I saw The Civil Wars last night at Schubas. I am increasingly appreciative of the fact that we live so close to such a fabulous venue. It was a wonderful show. I'm posting this video to give you a taste of what they are like live. I'd describe them as "smooth" (they compliment each other so well), charming, and playful. And I would most definitely see them again :)

There's just something about a good live show, you know? Above the door to the music room at Schuba's there's this quote from Aldous Huxley: "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." I agree.

I will be flying to my sister's one week from Saturday! I can hardly believe it is coming up so soon. I'm ready. I'm ready for kiddo time, warm sunny days playing outside, laughing (let's face it: this is what we inhibitions), sister coffee-time, talking about and getting advice for all that life is right now. I am so grateful for the chance to get away and take this trip.

In other news, I got my seeds!!! And I just returned from Home Depot where I picked up some of the essentials--seed starters, composted manure, etc. The good stuff. I can't wait for days in the garden with the girls, getting it ready for PLANTING!

I love Home Depot. I could spend hours in that store. No joke. I hope someday I'm able to have a "project house." Mom thinks it's so wonderful because it's a store full of potential. I think she's right. And it smells really good...akin to the hardware store smell. Mm!

I need to go get some odds and ends done. Hope you enjoy the video and if you ever get the chance, go ahead and see them live--lots of fun! :)

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