Saturday, July 26, 2008

Community. Sweet Living.

I long for it like it was in Mbabane. Actually, I think my whole self just wants what was experienced in the "Africa days," when souls were laid bare and all concerns and new revelations were brought not only before the Lord but before each other. We shared life together. "You need prayer?" and we would bow together in prayer. "Let me encourage you," and we would laugh together, cry together, enter the throne room together. In these places of rich community, the power of God is shared together. The glory of God is enjoyed together. I don't think there's a more beautiful kind of life to live. We were created for community--hence the deep desire for it and attraction to it. We were made to share and help carry one another along in the Lord. We were meant to experience, love, and enjoy God together.

Have I mentioned before how much I appreciate Henri Nouwen? How much I deeply enjoy his writing. I'm sluggishly making my way through his "Genesee Diary: Report from a Trappist Monastery." It's phenomenal. My thoughts resonate with his so often and he expresses what I cannot but long to express. This morning I read some of his thoughts on community:

"In times of doubt or unbelief, the community can "carry you along," so to speak; it can even offer on your behalf what you yourself overlook, and can be the context in which you may recognize the Lord again."

"We need the support and love of our brothers and sisters to prevent our doubting person from becoming dominant and destroying our capacity for belief."

Mm. Can I just say that I think the gift of community might be the greatest gift (of relationship) God has given us outside of His very Self. What glorious day when we, as the Body of Christ, are able to explore, discover, uncover, and SEE God through community. We are drawn closer to Him.

Let us live to push one another on to Him.

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