Thursday, July 10, 2008

a fellow "crazy"

Wendy is an amazing friend. We finally got to talk on the phone and catch up on a million things. It was wonderful.

she's one of those people that says the things that need to be said--that everyone else is too chicken to say. its really good. she challenges and encourages me. always.

its so beautiful to recognize in another close heart depth and insight that push you towards God. it becomes an immediate privilege and honor to journey through this life with them--even if you're only with them for a short time.

Wendy leaves for Nepal on August 12th. She's following the Lord...on an open-ended ticket. Exciting? Yes. Thrilling? Yes. Terrifying? Yes. Beautiful? Yes. We don't know yet what the Lord has for her "on the other end" of it.

She flies into Calcutta, India and spends a few days at Mother Teresa's mission--hanging out with a bunch of nuns. If you knew Wendy, this would make you smile. It's been her dream to go to India. From there she takes a bus into Nepal.

Nepal is a huge mystery to her and full of unknowns. All she knows for sure is that God wants her to "know Him more" which, in itself, is an endeavor altogether thrilling and mysterious. It's all that matter in this life. As she gets to now His deep richness more, it will spill and splash out, showering others with grace and blessing. The joy of knowing His glory--and sharing it with others!

Great challenges and joys lie ahead. Selfishly I do hope she'll come back to Moody my senior year. After all, crazies should try to stick together a little, right?! It would be wonderful if our paths crossed again in this lifetime. The beautiful thing about journeying through, though, is that even if our paths DON'T cross again in this life, eternity awaits us. Wow. Life is incredible, you guys.

All this writing to ask you to be praying for Wendy! Pray for Nepal. It's a country spiritually hungry and relatively open. The Spirit is moving and guiding...bringing people into the country to love and pray in redemption! Wendy gets to be a part of it. So do we, through love, prayer, encouragement, support, etc. The Body is a BEAUTIFUL thing.

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Wendy Cornelius said...

dang andrea... thank you! wow. I was just thinking this morning about how encouraging it is to have you as "a fellow crazy"... then I found your blog post. haha. Man, we will stay in touch.... no worries.