Wednesday, July 02, 2008

finished ecclesiastes

i finished ecclesiastes today. I forget how much I like that book until i read it again. frustrating how the beauty and truths of scripture seem to be easily "lost" or forgotten...but at the same time wonderful that each time is "new" as it is alive!

i just feel like I relate with the author a whole lot, especially because of the environment I am working in, etc., this summer. the meaninglessness of life without the Lord...and the beauty of life enjoyed in the Lord. The contrast is interesting. Sometimes it is night and day; other times it isn't. Satan disguises himself as the angel of doesn't always feel or look unpleasant at the get go. and following the Lord isn't always perfect, easy, and beautiful. i'm learning to live in this paradox (not the contradiction), if that makes sense :) If it doesn't make sense, ask me more in person. It's late and i can't really articulate it.

i like how everything builds and finishes with the last chapter. 12:1 reminds me to not forget my Creator in the excitement of my youth. Hmmm. "remember...remember...remember..." (ch. 12).

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