Saturday, July 05, 2008

patriotic songs. hmm.

So...last night was the Tucson Country Club BIG 4th of July party. Cost: approx. $60 a head. Number of people: around 900. It was crazy. It rained on us a few times. I served 5 tables. It went super well and I had a TON of fun. I got to be (and feel) a little more "on my own" but still had Sharon and Luis as neighbors to help or answer questions. Clayton was also nice enough to put me in a section near the main bar...great for many reasons: 1. i didn't have to carry drink trays far 2. i got to "hang out" near the bartenders :) 3. it's just a good place to be!

There was a fire dancing show (which wasn't all that impressive. I decided i could have worn a red and silver sequin dress and done almost as good of a job).

I had the most amazing table of older folk who drank A LOT and stayed out in the pouring rain (which, consequently, meant i got SOAKED). There they were, ordering drinks and eating off of plastic plates that looked more like little black ponds. Two of the gentlemen were in wheelchairs so their wives held the umbrellas. The entire area cleared out (under buffet tents or into the main banquet rooms) except for my little party, who decided to enjoy everything despite the rain. It was amazing. I laughed a lot.

the TCC, apparently, has the largest private fireworks show in the state of Arizona. Impressive. I must say, i was super excited to see them because its been years since I've watched fireworks (though, it will take A LOT to beat last year: small firecrackers purchased in Africa from a small chinese store :) ).

You know how they always play cheesy patriotic songs during the fireworks show? Yeah, well, this year the lyrics started popping out at me...and i found myself continually asking, while everyone whistled and cheered, WHAT THE HECK THESE WORDS MEAN?!?!

For example:

"Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay. It's independence day."

"I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free."

"Come into America today."

The whole event just got me wrestling between my freedom v. other people's "bondage." The privilege of living do I handle the privilege? Everything I take as a "right" that really isn't a right...transportation, health care, grocery stores, relative safety, peace, etc., etc., etc. You get the point. Never has a fireworks show provoked so much thought--and even a little sadness.

In spite of all my worry and complaining about the big fourth of july party, it was tons of fun. So i apologize to any (or all) of you who had to hear it from me :)

hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

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