Monday, March 09, 2009

home again

i'm enjoying spring break in tucson! mmm. the weather is beautiful.

i've had some really good conversations with mom (and dad, too, but he usually goes to bed). we've been able to stay up late into the night a few times to wrestle with life, share, encourage, and catch up. it is so good.

i've been able to spend lots of time with jay and kristen and sam. i went over to their house yesterday afternoon and ended up spending the night. it's so good to be with them again. it is encouraging to be able to catch up on many months away from each other, share life again, enjoy one another's company. today we went to the park with subway sandwiches, ate a picnic, played frisbee, held sleeping sam :)

now i'm home alone until mom and dad get home from work tonight. i'm sitting on the back patio in the sun. i'm reading, journaling, catching up on emails...its wonderful.

here are a few pictures so far :)

OH! and today is Luker's bday. He's 20!! crazy...

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the McGee family said...

wow. what a cute kid.