Monday, October 05, 2009


autumn makes me think of candles which makes me think of winter and christmas...which makes me think of christmas music. so...what has my recent urge been? you guessed it, christmas music. i have three of sufjan stevens christmas albums. they are incredible. but i told myself not until november. who starts listening to christmas music in OCTOBER???!! This is nonsense. erin--brilliant roommate that she is--said i could listen to ONE song to "get it out of my system." I hope it works. We're currently listening to Sufjan's "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel." this is one of my favorite christmas songs. sigh...

ok. to the books!!!


Dre Legit said...

I hate to admit it, but you can even ask Riah,


Ewwwww! :o)

But I'm glad you like it and it makes your heart happy! :o)

Andrea said...

haha! aw, that's a bummer. i don't like how commercialized it is...i just like the mood :) but to each his own, i guess :) haha.