Tuesday, April 13, 2010

five year old boys

today on the way home from school:

M: "my dad is a bird hunter."
Me: "What kind of birds does he hunt?"
M: "I don't know. He goes to the place where you can hunt birds and he shoots them."
C: "I hunt foxes in my backyard sometimes."
Me: "You do?"
C: "Yeah, in the back garden."
M: *gasp* "You shouldn't kill nature!"
C: "I only shoot the bad ones."
Me: "What makes them bad?"
C: "They bite you and kill you."
M: "Yeah, they bite you and give you things that make you sick."
C: "I stand on my back deck with my gun and kill them."
M: "Next time, you should stand farther back and use a bazooka. That's the most powerful gun in the world!"

later on while eating snack at the kitchen table:

C: "(so-and-so) is really cool."
M: "Is he cooler than me?"
C (holds thumb and index finger a little bit apart): "A tiny bit cooler."
M: "Than me?"
C: "Ok. No, you are very very cool. He's just cool."

oh man, watching these boys play today was hysterical. they dressed up like characters from star wars and ran around upstairs shrieking because the remote control R2D2 was "chasing" them...

i've been missing sam so much lately. i know what you are going to say, Kristen...I should just move to virginia :) but i'm afraid that isn't going to happen. maybe a visit soon? I'll try to find someone that might want to make the drive with me some weekend in May.

alright all, hope that was good comic relief. back to grading...

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the McGee family said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! come in may. jay and i were just saying how you should make a trip after graduation. that would be great. and maybe you would be here when baby was born!