Friday, April 09, 2010


the sun is out. oh thank you, mr. sun, for coming out. uplifting in so many ways. on top of that, in my half awake state this morning, i saw the toy story tattoos tacked on my bulletin board and thought, "oh my gosh, today is the day. at breakfast with whitney, we are tattooing it honor of friday. and the weekend. and surviving. and friendship. and...?" So thank you, Callie, for those valentine tattoos. Happy day.

lately I can hardly get out of my head how much I would love to go to Montana. Certain of the city buses are plastered with ads for Glacier. seriously? sigh. mountains, lakes, clean air. aaahh. It reminds me of small brown bags of flathead lake cherries, mountain goats, hidden glacier-melt lakes, and canoeing through the smoke of summer fires. I miss Montana. I miss mountains.

does anyone else feel like they are losing motivation by the day?! i feel like it's just leaking out of me. "oh! well, there goes some more..." uuugh. i'm ready for a break. i'm ready to read a few novels--and other books that have been on "my list" for awhile now.

OH! and I got the car. wahoo!!! It will be here April 30th, thanks to my wonderful parents. you know what I can hardly wait for? summer driving with the windows down and road trip mixes blaring. bring on the summer days! and free movie nights in the park. and farmer's markets. and peter mulvey. oh, and a visit from my brother with (hopefully) some sibling rock climbing. there is much to look forward to...

alright, i have to go write this paper asap. sigh.


the McGee family said...

and a trip to see your niece???

Andrea said...

yes!! i've been thinking lately how much i miss that little nephew of mine...and my sister. a lot :)

the McGee family said...

andrea, i think you need to seriously think about moving near us. seriously. why not? i'll look into programs here. :)