Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Happenings

It's almost midnight and I am pooped but I've been wanting to get some pictures up of our trip to Richmond. Sorry there aren't any of Jake and I. For one thing, Jake's camera broke on the way down so he didn't get any. And I'm discovering that he's kind of...mmm...shall we say particular about what camera he takes pictures with or what camera takes pictures of him. I'm working with him on it :)

Also, I'm sorry there aren't pictures of Ailey!! What the heck?! You know how the firstborn always has the better baby book and more pictures, etc? Yeah, apparently Auntie's are more obsessed photographers with the first, too. Sigh. She looks a lot like Sam and is a beautiful baby. Sam is just fun in pictures because he's up and moving around, expressing his developing personality, etc. He's so fun. Ailey is (obviously) still nursing, spitting up, pooping, crying, sleeping, and cooing. haha. Kristen's going to comment about this...

So, here are some pictures of the week in Richmond. It was wonderful and went by so fast. The drive back was really beautiful--I love roadtrips because I love driving through small town America. Jake and I enjoyed good conversation and the extended time together. He's getting ready to leave for Hungary in about three weeks.

We've been celebrating b-days in the house! Saturday night was Lacy and Mariah's joint super-hero b-day party. It was a lot of fun despite the house being almost unbearably hot and sticky. bleh.
Yesterday was Lacy's actual b-day so last night we went to Howl at the Moon (piano bar) to enjoy the dueling pianos (+ sing along!!) in celebration of her! I admit I was a bit leery, simply because I haven't had much experience with piano bars (ok, none whatsoever). But it was a lot of fun. It was somewhat like group karaoke (the sing along part of it) and the performers were really good. And we got to sing some Billy Joel ("piano man," even!!).

I have more thoughts I'd like to share about a few different things but it's late and I choose sleep because I know I need it. So hopefully I'll update again soon :)

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