Monday, August 02, 2010

the words of my mother

i love talking with my mom. she's a wonderful woman--a simply fantastic mom. anyway, i appreciate her simple one-liners. i don't very often share them on here--or anywhere, really--because i usually just tuck them away in my own mind and heart. but today i must. she said on the phone this afternoon, "God is in the business of life," and it was spoken to me at the perfect time, in beautiful synchrony with so many of my other thoughts, conversations, and prayers these days. there is much more i'd like to share. i know i end a lot of my posts with such a statement but i just haven't had much time to spend on the computer. i'll try, though, i really will. perhaps tomorrow morning.

God's been gracious in the stillness of this time of life. He's been moving in His quietness and I am beginning to see it, which encourages my heart very much. He's been revealing things to the deeper parts of me without me realizing it (until more recently) and i am thankful to finally catch glimpses of that reality. sigh. He is good in His hiddenness.

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