Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting Started

Today I purchased a few things that make it feel as though this year has officially "begun." With Luke leaving in a few days and the reality of Jake's year abroad officially settling in, so will my own routine. I've decided to call it my rhythm (don't laugh). I read this cool article the other day about the rhythm of a day. If you stop to think of it, the day really does carry a certain rhythm--a cadence, if you will. And we make choices that either add or detract from that rhythm, things that carry it or obstruct it. Mom keeps reminding me that there are choices to be made, goals to be set, as I look forward to the enjoyment and the living of this year. Yes, this is true...

So there will be lazy days and study days; days full of intentionality and days that end in a string of unexpected happenings. I'm ok with this. In fact, I look forward to it. In September I will start my pottery class. Today I bought a skein of yarn for a project I am dying to start (I forgot to bring the needles this weekend. gah!). I also ordered three books to begin my "studies" during this time: Liturgical Theology: The Church As Worshipping Community (Simon Chan), Finally Comes the Poet (Walter Brueggeman), and Self-Care: A Theology of Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Healing (Ray Anderson). Alongside these reads, I also plan to reread portions of the Chronicles of Narnia and a few other novels that have been waiting to find their way into my eager little hands. Aaaah.

I have a few craft plans coming together in my mind for simple Christmas presents and I look forward to the fall "crafting mood" (yes, it changes with the seasons).

I have a few weekend trips in the plans for the fall as well as the hope of some camping trips with friends.

I've been card making this summer. I'm discovering some things I didn't know I could do (as well as some things I knew I couldn't do...and still can't).

I'm hopeful for happy reunions with friends coming back to school as well as sweet time spent with my roommates.

Oh, and I have grand plans for the treasures I've collected along the lake shore this weekend. Mmm, I just love discovering these small bits of beauty. Who knew driftwood, rocks, feathers, and seeds could bring so much joy? He's made a great world to pleasure in. It has done my soul good to realize that again this weekend.

Tomorrow morning I'll enjoy coffee in the living room with Grandma one last time, breakfast, and then: on the road again. Eager for the drive back down in daylight so we can admire the trees and "oooh" and "aaah" over the sparkling lake. Grateful for this small bit of earth.


Melinda said...

So... I don't know how flexible your school schedule is, but I'm going through all things Potok (some for the second or third time) and was thinking... if you wanted to read them too sometime in the coming months and maybe do coffee to discuss them... that could be a lot of fun. Just saying.

Andrea said...

ooooh, that sounds lovely!! i'll email you when i get back to the city--or you email me if i don't right away. i don't have your number anymore. i would love some good book convo's!

the McGee family said...

I want to see photos of your treasures from this weekend. And I also want to hear about your purchases that have signaled "life begun."
Will you also post the site where you read about a day's rhythm? Thanks... Mine is upbeat, slow, chaotic at best... Everything in one day. It wears me out sometime. I would like to find a "cadence" that is a little more... subdued? Calming? Normal? Is that possible with two under two? Off to clean and throw out stuff. We own TOO MUCH STUFF!!! And then to knit. I love you.

Melinda said...

For sure.
When are you back?