Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today I had a bunch of little thoughts about serving. This was probably because I was presented with many opportunities to be a little "extra" to several someone's today. Sometimes I jumped into the opportunity gladly, other times I let it slide by (you know when you pretend like you don't actually see something, even though you do? yeah, kinda like that). I don't think I stop very often during a day to consider how many ways I am capable and available to serve. But I think I'd like to be made more aware of these moments so they don't pass by quite so fast. And I think I'd really like to utilize this huge pile of grace that's been heaped upon me (you know--grace upon grace, right? but we never really live like we're covered with the stuff). Anyway, these are a few thoughts before bed while I finish this delicious brownie that Mariah made. MmmMmm.

Goodnight, world!

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