Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hard day

there's nothing like getting to the end of a hard day and finding a bed ready to crawl into, you know? hmm.

jake left for hungary today. luke and i drove up to wisconsin last night after work. they finally got to meet. i'm so glad it worked out before jake left. it made my heart so happy. i'm running on about three hours of sleep (because i had to be back in the city for work this afternoon, which meant leaving WI mid morning). saying "goodbye" to someone for 10 months is kind of strange and, well, just plain hard.

i miss him. and will keep on missing him for a really long time. i think that's the hard part right now--feeling the reality of the big chunk of time. but in the midst of it all there is a lot that we're both so excited about and hopeful for. so it will be a good chunk of time--full of potential. we appreciate your prayers--and for him in these next few weeks as he begins teacher orientation, begins to adapt to a whole new life/culture, and faces the prospect of teaching for the first time.

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the McGee family said...

LOVE the new look! I should do some stuff with mine... like post. I dunno.
I love you, little sister. Thanks for being in my family. Thanks for being my friend.