Sunday, April 06, 2008

A chat with Brian McLaren

my head is sort of reeling these days. I have been thinking about so much... last week was DC and I am STILL processing that trip. This weekend was McLaren's Deep Shift seminar (Friday and Saturday). Lots to think about and wrestle through again. So, here I am. Sitting in my room TRYING to get homework done. I have a lot to do. But I am so exhausted and distracted. Sigh.

Mariah and I got to talk to McLaren twice--Friday night and then Saturday after the session. It was good to be able to see his face and hear his person. I need to read more. A lot more. he gave us two books--one of which is "New Kind of Christian" which I am told is amust read. I purchased what he recommended: "The Secret Message of Jesus" which, if it is anything like his morning lecture "Which Jesus do you Follow?" it will be really challenging and really good. It reminded me so much of what my Pastor teaches. biblical. refreshing. encouraging. new. exciting.

There's a lot about the "emerging" church movement that I REALLY like. There is a lot that REALLY leaves me wanting. But it is a discussion I think we need to be a part of. It is a movement we need to listen to, learn from, and challenge.

I usually qualify this next statement with "more than ever" but really, we always ought to be doing this: pray for discernment. Stay close to the Lord's side, listen to the Spirit, ask for courage and wisdom to follow and obey.

perhaps someday, as I am able to "unthink," I will post more. There were some things learned this weekend that were a carry-over of last and then reinforced AGAIN by today's sermon at Church. God is teaching me lots. It is hard. It is good.

Love to you all! Live like you're serious :) Take deep pleasure in your days for, indeed, the joy of the Lord is our strength. We have GREAT HOPE in the person of Christ. God come man, stepping into time and history to say and do a we believe it? Do we live like we believe it? He rose again. The resurrection--central to our story of redemption. beautiful exciting stuff, my friends :)


hannah said...

oh i'm jealous!

hey since you'll be in Chicago for part of June you should check this site out:

i would love to go but unfortunately won't be back yet.

love you!

M. Perkins said...

"pray for discernment"

Amen and amen.

For me, the challenge to enthusiastically embrace the truth and godliness in progressive evangelicalism is a fight.

I'm surprised at how much flexibility, adaptability, and consistent relevance I'm finding in the Anglican liturgy. I'm coming to believe that traditional liturgy may more effectively speak to our postmodern world than attempts to mimic the culture.