Saturday, April 12, 2008


went with sarah, mariah, and some others to see Juno last night at the $3 theater. yay for cheap friday nights. it's one of those movies i say "i really liked it" but feel like I can't really say that. It was a good movie. honest. real. but hard. i cried. something about it was so beautiful but so tragic. I guess its just hard to explain.

I got a bad headache near the end of it... turned into a ridiculous migrain and I almost threw up. It was a really bad one. I've decided to watch foods I eat. Maybe try detoxing. Mariah said she used to get bad headaches in high school that they found were a lack of protein...solved simply by eating some eggs in the morning and yogurt at snacks.

I'm going to get a library card today. The simple things of life :) i'm super excited.

Tonight I babysit for the family on the 39th floor with a wall of windows looking out over the lake and a baby grand in the living room. I get nervous. It's such a different life.

hope you all are having a fabulous weekend :)


Dre Legit said...

I have to say. That was one of my favorite movies. :o) A baby grand? Do you play?

Andrea said...

used to...i quit in high school. dumb.