Monday, May 05, 2008

Burma tragedy

Death toll is now at 10,000. I've been learning over the past weeks that, in the face of suffering, we are not to ask God WHY but WHAT. What do you want me (us) to do with this and in this? It is not easy to change the is a change in perspective.

There was also a bomb raid on a school in Darfur. When I read about an oppressive regime that stoops to bombing refugee schools I cry for strentgh to ask the what and not the why.

Oh God.

Learning to praise Him in the storm.

Zach talked with professor Craigen about Burma today and Craigen said God never wastes a tragedy. I thought that was interesting.

The discussion has been on my mind and heart lately about the "cause" of natural disasters. Judgement from God? Simply the results of living in a fallen world that is ruled by evil? For a while I wrestled to decide between the two. Now I think its more of a combination, though no answer is clean or easy. But the Burmese government has been extremely oppressive and coercive. Many are forced out of country for assylum or into refugee camps.

The government has now opened its doors for aid. Hmm. This is interesting to me. I am reminded of the tsunami.

We really ought to be on our knees.

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