Saturday, May 10, 2008

"If the world was as it should, maybe I could get some sleep"

Sudanese rebels are trying to take control of Khartoum. I don't know what this will mean. I have a friend who has friends in Khartoum who say the bridges have been captured. Here's the story:


Burmese government is acting incredibly suspiciously and irresponsibly--demanding a vote be taken over whether or not to allow aid. There are 1.5 million people in dire need. The country is in no position to care for the problem--it is massive. Water borne diseases are breaking out on a large scale. There is a fear of cholera breaking out.

Somalia is in poor condition. I recently read an article discussing the fact that what is currently unfolding in Somalia is probably the least-understood/known problem but one (if not the) most pressing. Of course, that's a hard thing to say when considering all that this world is facing. But i think the point is that Somalia has been overlooked for years--17 years without a central government.

"The bullets can't stop the prayers we pray." -Rich Mullins

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