Friday, May 16, 2008

"C" is for clarity

Which I need.

crying before you fall asleep makes for a great night's sleep.

Last night I was trying to clarify a lot inside. I was listening to my ipod. Bebo's song "Cover Me" and Sandra McCracken "Shelter" were played over and over. Such rich songs.

Things seem a little frustrating. I feel like there's a lot in my head and heart that I need to "figure out." I'm always figuring things out, though, and I wonder if I try too hard...if I should just let things come together more than I do. Sigh. Who knows. I'm laying my heart before the Lord as I step into a new summer and go back home.

I have a few hours before Melissa comes to get me. I finished packing/cleaning early so I might go get some coffee and read or journal outside. The weather is BEAUTIFUL today. A true summer day :) yessss.

"blessed is this life, and i'm gonna celebrate being alive!" (love that song!!)

blessings to you all today.

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Dre Legit said...

I agree with your statement that crying makes for a good night's sleep. :o)

I find that I am completely in the same boat. All this sudden things have begun to pile up in my heart.
I pray that we both get clarity for whatever it is that is going on inside of us. I hope that being home just brings a rejuvenating spirit inside you. That the Lord can just refresh so much inside your heart from jumping straight from coming home from Africa to jumping back into school. I pray this summer for you is simply restful and refreshing.