Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pray for Burma

It is a country that is undergoing incredible heardship. It is in an "alert" state of genocide. Many of the Karen people find themselves living in refugee camps along the Thai border. There is deep oppression and coercion.

In recent news, a cyclone hit the country and over 350 are dead...20,000 homes destroyed...90,000 displaced people. Oh my God, what do we do with this?

I told Mariah this afternoon, I wish we had money to arrange a group to go over for several months to help clear up and provide simple medical aid. Realizing more and more the need/desire to gain practical training and experience while here. I intend to take advantage of the next several semesters to attend public conferences, etc., that are in the area--so many yet to discover!

Next weekend a photographer is coming into town with a set on the children of Darfur. It is being held at the Heartland cafe. I am privileged to have these opportunities.

Below are a few links to some specific articles about the cyclone in Burma. I encourage you to read a bit and spend some time in prayer for the families and homes that have been torn apart. Pray for the Holy Spirit's enouraging breath to fall over the people and into broken lives. Greater is He than this world that falls apart...


USA Today

Global Geopolitics blog

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