Monday, May 26, 2008

i just want to slackline

maybe because my head is full of thoughts. i like slacklining. i like it a lot. It sort of calms me down--at least maybe just clears my head.
tomorrow i'm hopefully going rock climbing with Luker. I really want to get out. maybe I'll drive up the mountain anyway. and read a book. hm. that sounds amazing :)

Today was a good day. I cleaned my room and sorted through a lot of things for packing (or getting rid of). I like spending time in my room sorting through old memories. I'm reminded of how far God has brought me--through so much. I've been in a whole bunch of different circumstances and situations over the past several years. It kind of blows my mind when I stop to think about it. I am so grateful for the life He has given me. I am privileged to walk beside the friends i have and honored to journey with my family. AH! I am simply so very BLESSED. Grace abounds.

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Lacy Lillian said...

maybe you just like getting really bad bruses so you look tough...