Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's a jungle out there

our back patio is out of control. around our house in general is turning into a zoo. I can't decide why, either, since it seems like the heat would keep the animals inactive. Or, perhaps its the "puddle" out front and the greenery that beckons them. For whatever reason, they're here.

a big black snake above the front door several days ago, curled up in what was previously a dove's nest. feathers scattered on the walkway beneath. creepers.

a quail couple that now have ten WEE little ones running around in the back patio. They had them inside the walls and now can't get them out, they are too small to fly over the wall. hahe. they are THE CUTEST things ever. I've never seen such tiny birds. they are a beautiful family.

second favorite to the quail family is little mr. chipmunk/ground squirrel. He's adorable. I walked into the dining room yesterday to find him just on the other side of the sliding door window pain with little paws (do they have paws?) propped on the sill looking in. I threw some walnuts out to him and he came back today to gobble them up! He lays out there with all fours spread out, flat against the concrete. I think that's the coolest position. It looks hysterical.

Then there's the baby cactus wren flying about. Mom say him this morning with a lizard kicking in his beak! She called to me but he flew off before I could see it.

My LEAST FAVORITE (hmm. but the snake was pretty creepy) are the ants!! grrr. because they come inside. and they get all over everything. and these little black ones BITE. i really really do not appreciate them. I first discovered them at 4 in the morning on tuesday. something was stinging on my feet and when I flipped on the light i saw that the floor was moving with them and they were crawling up my legs!! UG! I get the dust buster out every half hour or so and suck their trail up. I spray them. They come back. again. and again. mom finally put ant poison traps out. hopefully they start working soon.

i think that's all the exciting news. nutso, huh? There was also a road runner on our patio furniture yesterday. haha. pretty birds.

I'm almost halfway through my "new" book: Davita's Harp by Chaim Potok. I haven't read Potok since high school. I remember why loved him so much. Brilliant storyteller. I love the books. It might be on of my favorites of his, next to My Name is Asher Lev. But this one's about a girl, Ilana Davita, and she reminds me of lots of ways. So it makes for even more intriguing reading :)

I got hours at work on Saturday! There are two memorial services and we are preparing the banquets/buffets for each. Hopefully I'll be able to go rock climbing with Luke on Sunday.

Oh. Mom and I watched Kite Runner. It's a wonderful movie. It's heartbreaking. But powerful. Anyway, I recommend it.

I'm off to read or clean or something. Happy Thursday to you all.

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