Wednesday, June 11, 2008

saying goodbbye to the house is hard!

So...we are leaving tucson. The house is in disarray as we patch, mend, and modify! Sad. I've been packing up boxes of stuff, taking things off my walls, etc. It's kind of a sad process. I love our house. Hm.

Work is going well. Here' s a picture of me in uniform--its a little hard to see. But I promised Melissa she would get to see what I look like...kind of boy-ish kind of penguin-ish. haha.

I GOT MY CLIMBING SHOES TODAY!! finally. It took a while because the first pair were way too small. I have a few days off this week so Luke and I are planning on going up the mountain either Friday or Sunday. fun!

Hm. What else. Not much is new...same old stuff. Living and learning :) Luke's waiting for me to go slacklining so I have to run...enjoy some pictures!


Lacy Lillian said...

Remember when I had to wear a suit.
good times
I like your shoes... and I like your face.

Andrea said...

yes. i remember. thank goodness i don't have to wear a coat! bleh. that would be not cool...