Sunday, July 06, 2008

fun with friends

we're all at mark's house: drinking coffee and "reading" (or, studying...for those of us who have classes to finish). I took Hannah and Allie with me to work to get my schedule. They wanted to see it and see Dave, who was bartending. Haha. It was a secret spy mission. Completely ridiculous but fun.
I work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday next week. Not bad for how dead things are right now...

Mmm. Mark is grilling chicken and it smells sooo good.

I hope it rains today. it's been raining every afternoon. I LOVE it. Yesterday i sat out on the porch and journaled while it sprinkled.

i wonder what I'll do with my next two days off. I have to work on my I.S. class but other than that....hmmmm.


hannah said...

if classes didn't start tomorrow..CALIFORNIAAAA!!!

Andrea said...

no kidding. soon, though! SOON! :)