Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Am a Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow

"I am a poor pilgrim of sorrow,
I'm tossed in this wide world alone,
No hope have I for tomorrow;
I've started to make heaven my home.
Sometimes I am tossed and driven, Lord
sometimes I don't know where to roam,
I've heard of the city called Heaven;
I've started to make it my home."
(taken from the appendix of "A Sacred Sorrow" by Michael Card)

There are times you find that this world doesn't have what you are looking for.


If it is "Christianity," even this earthly religious system is going to leave you wanting. It is Christ. It is Christ and His heavenly city your soul is craving. What joy for those whose hearts are set on pilgrimage--in whose hearts are the highways to Zion! We have no abiding city here. So...even earthly joys and pleasures given for our enjoyment...are reflections of an eternal reality that our souls are craving: REDEMPTION.

Redeemed pleasure. Redeemed joy. Redeemed love, passion, beauty. We see shadows and illusions. Dim reflections. THEN we will see clearly. Behold--OUR GOD. Wow. Sometimes my heart painfully longs for heaven.

I've been very "overcome" this week by the realization, yet again, that the world is crying for more. Everyone around me is ACHING FOR MORE.

Also been blown away by the truth of Christ as God's gift of Himself. Jesus--"God with Us." The Holy Spirit--"God in us." Remarkable stuff.

Somehow, this is a beautiful, heartbreaking mystery. Because there is sorrow and joy so mixed together in this world...


Wendy Cornelius said...


the Kingdom of Heaven is among us!

Emmanuel. yes. =)

(ps. I like your new music)

M. Perkins said...


By the by, Julie, Sean, and I got into a massive argument about the song on your blog now last semester. Huh. Kinda funny.

Andrea said...

haha. what was the argument about? I love their music. Hannah introduced me. Wendy, you would love their stuff!!