Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my hands look dead

probably because they are stained from blue and purple tie dye. I finally did my bed sheet for the dorm next year! woohoo. i'm pleased. there's always something i wish i had done differently but such is life.
have i mentioned before that i love to tie dye? It's quite relaxing. today i listened to xavier rudd while I dyed. great combination, no? si.

alrighty. I am working hard to study for my first independent study exam tomorrow!! what fun what fun!


hannah said...

woowho! it looks awesome Andrea! i think you'll already sleep better because bright colors makes the mind feel more at ease and when you're more at ease you sleep better, pure science my friend.

p.s. i'm studying today too! must be a study day :)

Andrea said...

add it to "hannah's book of theories." But this one actually sounds like a good one ;)

Wendy Cornelius said...

nice =)