Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hannah visits warm weather!

Which means we got to do lots of FUN stuff :)

First, the Xavier Rudd concert last night. It was SO AMAZING. Gosh. If my phone took better pictures, i could put one up. sad. He was so good and the whole experience was great. just a few highlights:
1. stacey brought her camera without knowing it was against the rules so...we had to "pretend" like we were leaving to "hide" it but instead put it in hannah's pants till we got passed security. haha. it was amazing.
2. the man in the green shirt--he was definitely high or something. Which was actually kind of sad but he was going nuts by song number two and was pretty crazy all night long. He took off his shirt and was waving it around (he was in the balcony box) and we were sure he was going to throw it onto the stage or into the audience. neither happened. bummer.
3. xavier's tribal dance. it was amazing.
4. food in the belly, come let go, let me be.
5. "how you feelin'?"
6. Oh, and $5 posters :)

We got home and were super pooped last night. we slept in this morning, had a light breakfast together in the room with some coffee :) and then went to mercury for awhile to study. I love this cafe:

We didn't study for long. How on earth can anyone stay motivated when its such a beautiful day with a good friend in town?? So...we went to Jay's to get hot dogs and walked down to eat them by the river (shades of while you were sleeping! eh? eh?). It was the perfect day for it:

After that we went down to the lake. We had strawberry fruit bars on the beach. The weather was perfect. However, there have been weird cloud/smog patches over the buildings all day. it's kind of gross. And the day got progressively muggy. yucko.
Zach, Aaron, Jared, and Whitney met us down at the beach to slackline. It was lots of fun. Sigh...the perfect day!!

Now I need to go get some homework done. Hannah is visiting her friend for awhile and I have a presentation and an exam tomorrow. ack!
Hope you all are enjoying your fall days!! :)


Lacy Lillian said...

I'm think I am going to head home in a minute. My computer is going to die, and I want to put P.J.'s on.

hannah said...

hey thanks for your note and skittles in my bag today, it was a pleasant little surprise and made the four a.m. travels more bearable =]

Chicago again was wonderful! i'm surprised that there was still so many things to do and explore even though this was trip number two. great, great trip=]]

anywho, i've finally finished classes for the day and now must start on some hw for tomorrow's early classes. today is definitely a day for the books, so worth it though:)

love you and miss you tons already!!