Saturday, September 13, 2008

you should expect this, Kristen :)

You know that I can't resist putting a new picture of you up :) Especially with known little boy boy inside!! Well, we hope it is indeed a boy. I am secretly holding out for twins, since I was sure it would be a boy and mom was sure it would be a girl :) haha.
Here she is everyone! My beautiful pregnant sister whom I MISS a whole whole lot. Wish I could be with you, sister!!...with you and the Mr. :)


In other news, I visited Melissa this weekend. Well, last night. I took the train out to Palatine yesterday and came back this morning (she had to work). We had the evening to catch up and it was WONDERFUL. I needed that time. I am blessed. The train ride was encouraging, too. You might think that's weird. i don't :) If you could ride OUT of the city on a train looking out raindrop-lined windows listening to Isa, Iron and Wine, and Matthew Smith, you would feel the same way...i'm sure of it :) Plus I am always up for a "solo-adventure," even if it is only for an hour or so...

John Piper is starting up a new sermon series this fall on the Gospel of John. I am thrilled. It is my favorite Gospel. His "reasons" for doing so can be found here: do look! It's a brief explanation but a very good and interesting one. I particularly like his perspective of "wanting to die in the book" as he considers his age, etc. It's quite remarkable. I'm reading through matthew right now. I want to be steeped in the Gospel's this fall. That was something I prayed for this summer and look forward to with hopeful anticipation...oh to know my Lord and Christ deeper.

I have lots of homework to get done. Tomorrow is wedding dress shopping day :) And I've been fighting some sort of throat/cold/flu virus that is NOT FUN. I just drank some hot tea and am about to hide away in a cozy corner of the library. It's been raining all weekend. Usually I really do not like the rain here--it depresses me. For some reason, though, today's rain is beautiful. I like it :)

Oh. I want to mention. I met Dee today, getting off the EL. She is my age. She and her boyfriend got kicked out of their apartment bc they couldn't pay rent. They were living out of the car but it got impounded. Her boyfriend is in jail. she hasn't spoken to her mom in years, her dad in over 20 years. she has no money, nowhere to go. She's an "average" 20-something. Like me. We talked a bit. I took her to starbucks to get her something hot and a muffin to eat. She was hungry. There was some obvious drug/alcohol withdrawal going on. It broke my heart. She was beautiful but so sadly broken. I had no idea what to say to her. NO IDEA. Praying so hard "God, i don't know what to SAY!" and no words came... I gave her a hug and she kissed my cheek.
Pray for her if you think of it. She said she's been thinking about God more than ever because there's nowhere to go and nothing to do--she NEEDS something secure; somewhere to turn. I pray God would captivate her soul, speaking LIFE.

My "theology of suffering" has grown a lot over the past few years. It is growing still. This semester, i think, it is going to be challenged even more. I'm realizing how near the heart of God I must be to explore, discover, and learn more of this. Being reminded that it is His Spirit that "leads into all truth"...and...HE is truth. His Spirit leads us deeper into the person of Christ--deeper into God Almighty. Pretty remarkable.

I love you all. Peace upon you...


Unknown said...

thank you for coming over.
i liked it a lot.

Andrea said...

thanks for having me. i liked it a lot, too :)