Monday, September 08, 2008

i love hugs

that's pretty much all. I just really like hugs. I feel like a lot of people here really aren't good at giving hugs. and why do people have to make hugs an awkward thing?? they aren't!!

today was definitely monday. i felt tired all day. also, it was raining allll day. cold, dreary rain. I didn't get as depressed as the other day (i know realize i have a bit of seasonal depression). mariah and i walked to pcm in the rain and got WET and so COLD. But pcm went really well! Her english is lots better and we' re teaching grammar basics now. she asked us if we would go to the salon with her next week. SO EXCITING!

Mariah and i went to the soup box for dinner when we got back Mmm. I love the soup box. it was only the second time i had been there... i think i'll go more often this winter. i like to be warmed up from the inside.

don't really have any homework tonight. i finished a lot of it on saturday. But i need to stay on top of it because the next month and a half is crazy busy:
1. this coming sunday: wedding dress shopping with sarah and the girls!!
2. the weekend after: hannah comes and the xavier rudd concert
3. weekend after that: roadtrip to minneapolis for the piper conference!

i have two weeks then and i think mom comes. sheesh. talk about crazy busy. man oh man...

alright. maybe i should go do some reading. OH. for Sys. Theo. we have a reading list of books to choose from and write a short paper. I chose "How Long, O Lord: Reflections on Joy and Suffering" by Carson (i think that's the one...something like that). It sounds amazing. I'm super excited to read it.

Philosophy class is way over my head. it hurts every time. quiz on wednesday. grrrrr.

tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. I am so very happy. I hope it is FULL of sun. and HUGS :)

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