Friday, October 31, 2008

like a kite

have you ever seen a kite dancing on the wind? when there isn't much but a dying breeze, it sort of just floats quietly down to the ground. But it moves so beautifully through the air--up, down, up. It glides and falls; soars and dives. there's something deeply honest about it. it moves at will, unafraid and, perhaps, unaware, of those watching. it is completely itself, fulfilling its own created purpose and enjoying it. it is lovely. it cannot be bothered. it takes its time. it will necessarily take its time, floating down, down, down.

i watched a kite down by the beach today. it lingered there, against a clear blue sky. i couldn't help but smile.

i couldn't help but wish, for a moment, that i was a kite.

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